Just a few kind words from some of our past clients:

I really do appreciate all the help that you and your team did to get this completed for us. Please express our appreciation to everyone for us. If I hear of anyone needing anything I will let them know about you guys. Thanks again.

Mark B – Cypress, TX

I have been wanting to write and THANK YOU for all your hard work etc on our deal! I can't tell you how impressed/pleased I have been with your company and service!  You HONESTLY did everything that you said you would, handling the negotiating end of things and not involving us unless you really needed to....that was such a relief. You were ALWAYS very professional/not emotional about everything, and I know that we didn't always make that easy. I would be very happy to write a recommendation and/or anything to help you out!

Donna B. – Rossville, TN

Thanks for your help with all of this. It's been a really difficult time, but we'll be able to start fresh and keep looking forward. Take care and hopefully we'll be in contact in the future!

Cody Z. – Los Angeles, CA

Yes, it's a huge burden lifted!!! Thank you for all your help. I will definitely keep you in mind when I hear anyone needs help. You guys were the best!! Thanks, again!

Tarri L. – Haverhill, MA

THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work that you did for me.  This most certainly take a big burden off of me.  Thank you again!!

James M. – Portland, OR

Ok thanks for all your hard work! If anyone needs assistance with short sales, I'll refer them to you.

Dwight C. – Long Beach, CA

Thank you very much for all your help. I would definitely tell anyone that needs to do a short sale to work with you!

Charles M. -Phoenix, AZ

Thanks for your help and your perseverance.  It was so complicated with the county violations on the property, and I don’t think anyone else could have gotten this done! In case I know someone who is looking for any housing services, I will let him/her know about your company.  Thanks again for everything!

Iris H. – Pasadena, CA

We did indeed do it. Thanks to your savvy assistance and patience. You were masterful and I am grateful to you. Should I encounter anyone who needs your services, I will recommend you alone as the best.

Wilma F. – Saint Leonard, MD

I just want to again say thank you so much for getting my condo sold with such ease! You have no idea what a HUGE burden and stress you've taken off my shoulders. As you know, I'm doing Pediatric HIV work overseas in Southern Africa, so selling my condo gives me much more flexibility with working/moving back to Africa in the future. Financially, it  obviously relieves a large amount of stress as well. I think you selling my condo has probably given me back a couple years to my life, since I'm not as stress about it anymore! =) I will most definitely recommend you to friends/family who may be in the same boat. If you have anyone that you would like to use me as a reference for - please do not hesitate to contact me at any point in the future.

Take care and all the best.


Meena S. – Falls Church, VA

Yes I heard the wonderful news!!! What a relief!! So glad everything worked out so well. Thank you very much for all your help and I will be referring you to everyone. You made this experience a pleasure thank you!

Amanda R. - Tracey, CA

It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for getting this done for us!!! Big thanks to you and your team you guys made it very easy and everything went smoother than I expected.

Dion B. - Moreno Valley,, CA

Thank you so much! This is really a big weight and I am so glad I contacted you when I did. I will definitely recommend your company! Have a wonderful day!

Veronica B. - Lubbock, TX

Thank you! And anybody behind the scenes for your patience during this process. This was a very difficult and personal decision for us. It has definitely lifted a big burden off of our shoulders especially as we prepare for a new phase of our lives. Thanks again and I will definitely recommend you guys if I hear of anyone needing your services.

Gary and Donna S. - Springdale, MD

I thank you! Yes, BIG relief. Thanks again. I will make sure to refer you guys if I hear of anyone in a situation.

Kenneth W. - Fayetteville, GA

HUGE monkey off our backs! Thank you! I was just talking to Linda, we wanted to thank you for being a rock thru this whole process. You guys are awesome and I’ll gladly refer you to others.

Fernand and Lida L. - Atlanta, GA

Escrow is closed! I just want to thank you guys for such a strong, professional and concerted effort in getting this Short Sell completed. Everything that we wanted, furniture, etc. is out of the house. The house is all theirs. Again Thank you guys for all your support. Have a wonderful week.ess.

Melvin and Patricia R. - Tracy, CA

It was very good fortune our being introduced to you when we decided that having a short sell of our cherished home was our best option. You guided us through out the entire process of short sell and gave not only information but his personal assurance that he had the experience and knowledge to take through a successful short sell. We found you to be true to your word and his commitment to our case. I would be more than happy to recommend you without any reservations. You are engaging and a great person as we found ourselves to have to be adaptable during this process,, you were right there with us, making sure that what ever changes that arose we were in this together and that our satisfaction was your primary concern.

Kevin and Kizzie W. - Upper Marlboro, MD

Thank you so much for your help with this Short Sale. It is definitely a major weight lifted off of my shoulders. I really can't believe it's over. I will not hesitate to refer your company to my friends, associates or anyone who should be in need of assistance with their short sale. Just knowing that your company was on top of this matter from beginning to end, made my life a lot easier. Please give my regards to the whole team. Thanks again.

Vincent F. - Staten Island, NY

THANK YOU all for the hard work and getting us through this stressful time with our home -- we are CLOSED as of 4:45p EST today!! Throughout this whole process, you've all gone above and beyond and it means more than we can express. 

Tara L. - Ardsley, NY